We, the undersigned MIT faculty members, urge that the Institute improve its written commitment to academic freedom and free expression by officially adopting the Chicago Principles, as articulated in a 2014 University of Chicago report.

The Principles have been adopted by Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, BU, and 78 other universities and colleges.

If you are an MIT faculty member and wish to add your name to the list of signatories or have any questions, please email

  1. Hal Abelson, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  2. Edward H. Adelson, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  3. Antoine Allanore, Materials Science and Engineering
  4. Raymond Ashoori, Physics
  5. David Autor, Economics
  6. Pierre Azoulay, Sloan
  7. Arthur Baggeroer, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  8. Lotte Bailyn, Sloan
  9. Ian Ball, Economics
  10. Ronald Ballinger, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  11. Arnold Barnett, Sloan
  12. Regina Barzilay, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  13. Mark Bathe, Biological Engineering
  14. Moungi Bawendi, Chemistry
  15. Martin Z. Bazant, Chemical Engineering and Mathematics 
  16. Daniel Blankschtein, Chemical Engineering
  17. Alexei Borodin, Mathematics
  18. Lydia Bourouiba, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science 
  19. Jacopo Buongiorno, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  20. Chris Burge, Biology 
  21. John W. M. Bush, Mathematics
  22. Wit Busza, Physics
  23. Alex Byrne, Linguistics and Philosophy
  24. Wai Cheng, Mechanical Engineering
  25. Victor Chernozhukov, Economics
  26. Noam Chomsky, Linguistics and Philosophy
  27. Robert E. Cohen, Chemical Engineering
  28. Martin Culpepper, Mechanical Engineering
  29. Michael Scott Asato Cuthbert, Music & Theater Arts
  30. Munther Dahleh, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Institute for Data, Systems, and Society
  31. Areg Danagoulian, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  32. Peter Dedon, Biological Engineering
  33. Laurent Demanet, Mathematics
  34. John Deutch, Chemistry
  35. Patrick Doyle, Chemical Engineering
  36. Jörn Dunkel, Mathematics
  37. Semyon Dyatlov, Mathematics
  38. Alan Edelman, Mathematics
  39. Kerry Emanuel, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
  40. Pavel Etingof, Mathematics
  41. Nicholas Fang, Mechanical Engineering
  42. Edward Farhi, Physics
  43. John E. Fernandez, Architecture
  44. Yoel Fink, Materials Science and Engineering
  45. Ernest Fraenkel, Biological Engineering
  46. Liang Fu, Physics
  47. Kate E. Galloway, Chemical Engineering
  48. Ahmed F. Ghoniem, Mechanical Engineering
  49. Leon R. Glicksman, Mechanical Engineering
  50. Jeff Gore, Physics
  51. Stephen Graves, Sloan
  52. Alan J. Grodzinsky, Biological Engineering
  53. Jongyoon Han, Biological Engineering
  54. Aram Harrow, Physics
  55. T. Alan Hatton, Chemical Engineering
  56. John R. Hauser, Sloan
  57. Thomas Heldt, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Institute for Medical Engineering & Science
  58. Neville Hogan, Mechanical Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  59. Anette Hosoi, Mechanical Engineering
  60. Ian Hunter, Mechanical Engineering
  61. Ian Hutchinson, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  62. Piotr Indyk, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  63. Tommi Jaakkola, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  64. Alan Jasanoff, Biological Engineering
  65. Victor Kac, Mathematics
  66. Mehran Kardar, Physics
  67. Gordon M. Kaufman, Sloan
  68. Eduardo Kausel, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  69. Manolis Kellis, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  70. R. Scott Kemp, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  71. Jay Keyser, Linguistics and Philosophy
  72. Sang-Gook Kim, Mechanical Engineering
  73. James Kirtley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  74. Daniel Kleppner, Physics
  75. Eric Klopfer, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
  76. Angela Koehler, Biological Engineering
  77. S.P. Kothari, Sloan
  78. Richard Larsen, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society
  79. Douglas A. Lauffenburger, Biological Engineering
  80. J. Chappell Lawson, Political Science
  81. Patrick Lee, Physics
  82. John J. Leonard, Mechanical Engineering
  83. Mingda Li, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  84. John Lienhard, Mechanical Engineering
  85. Richard Linzden, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
  86. Hong Liu, Physics
  87. Harvey Lodish, Biology
  88. Nuno Loureiro, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  89. George Lusztig, Mathematics
  90. Scott Manalis, Biological Engineering
  91. John Marshall, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
  92. Robert McKersie, Sloan
  93. Gareth H. McKinley, Mechanical Engineering
  94. Max Metlitski, Physics 
  95. Albert R. Meyer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  96. William P. Minicozzi, Mathematics
  97. Leonid A. Mirny, Physics and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
  98. Nick Montfort, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
  99. Michael S. Scott Morton, Sloan
  100. Elchanan Mossel, Mathematics
  101. Tomasz S. Mrowka, Mathematics
  102. Fiona E. Murray, Sloan
  103. Allan S. Myerson, Chemical Engineering
  104. John W. Negele, Physics
  105. Richard Nielsen, Political Science
  106. Leslie Norford, Architecture
  107. Paul O'Gorman, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
  108. Benjamin Olken, Economics
  109. Jonathan Parker, Sloan
  110. Ron Parker, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  111. Pablo Parrilo, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  112. Christoph Paus, Physics
  113. Roger Peterson, Political Science
  114. Robert Pindyck, Sloan
  115. Bjorn Poonen, Mathematics
  116. Drazen Prelec, Sloan, Economics, and Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  117. Raul Radovitzky, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  118. Hazhir Rahmandad, Sloan
  119. Katharina Ribbeck, Biological Engineering
  120. Martin Rinard, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  121. Ronald Rivest, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  122. Edward Roberts, Sloan
  123. Caroline A. Ross, Materials Science and Engineering
  124. Daniel H. Rothman, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
  125. Gregory C. Rutledge, Chemical Engineering
  126. Donald R. Sadoway, Materials Science and Engineering
  127. Harvey M. Sapolsky, Political Science
  128. Edward Schiappa, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
  129. Antoinette Schoar, Sloan
  130. Kieran Setiya, Linguistics and Philosophy 
  131. Yossi Sheffi, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Institute for Data, Systems, and Society
  132. Scott Sheffield, Mathematics
  133. Michael Short, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  134. Michael Sipser, Mathematics
  135. Bradford Skow, Linguistics and Philosophy
  136. Kenneth A. Smith, Chemical Engineering
  137. Charles Sodini, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  138. Armando Solar-Lezama, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  139. Donca Steriade, Linguistics and Philosophy
  140. Daniel W. Stroock, Mathematics
  141. Nike Sun, Mathematics
  142. Gerald Jay Sussman, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  143. Steven R. Tannenbaum, Biological Engineering
  144. Max Tegmark, Physics
  145. David Thesmar, Sloan
  146. Senthil Todadri, Physics
  147. Bernhardt L. Trout, Chemical Engineering
  148. William Charles Uricchio, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
  149. Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  150. Vladan Vuletić, Physics
  151. Dennis Whyte, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  152. John Williams, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  153. Jack Wisdom, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
  154. Alexander Wolitzky, Economics
  155. Sidney Yip, Nuclear Science & Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering
  156. Wei Zhang, Mathematics
  157. Evan Ziporyn, Music & Theater Arts
  158. Barton Zwiebach, Physics
  159. Martin Zwierlein, Physics